Slatki Gusti Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 17/06/2018

On June 17th 2018 I had a great pleasure to be a guest at Slatki Gusti Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. This outdoor event gathers the high-end pastry shops and wine bars, who offer their prized products to the visitors. During the festival I had the chance to host the Food Photography And Instagram Workshop and take part in the Blogger Panel "From Hobby To Work" powered by Nescafe. About 30 bloggers and instagrammers from Croatia and neighboring countries participated in the workshop and following conference.

The festival was held in the heart of the city, in the beautiful park Zrinjevac. We had the chance to gather at a dreamy brunch table, filled with delicious foods and drinks that we could use to practice food styling and shooting.  During the conference that followed the workshop we talked about our strategies for turning blogging passion into real job, collaborating with brands, promoting products and making your skills earn money for you. I also had an amazing oportunity to visit and photograph the wonderful city of Zagreb, a must see for all the passionate travellers.

It was also a big pleasure to stay in a lovely apartment located in the center of Zagreb, managed by Irundo agency, that offers literally the best and most convenient choice of accomodations across Croatia, Serbia nad Austria. A big recommandation for everyone who is planning shorter or longer holiday in that part of Europe.